Cremation Ashes Scattering


An honorable scattering of your loved

one's cremated remains. 

Ashes scattering or a burial at sea has been a long time honored display of respect for departed loved one's. In keeping with this tradition, we accommodate all faiths and religions with personalized service and provide a caring, respectful and dignified ashes scattering of your loved ones remains to the sea. 

We will travel out past the required nautical mile distance where your memorial ceremony will take place. During this ceremony,  your loved one’s cremated remains are sprinkled by family and friends.  Each service includes an official ship’s parchment sea burial certificate marking the offshore coordinates of the decedent’s final resting place. And if requested, an eight bell end of watch blessing/ceremony can be  performed by the Captain while at the memorial site.

Cost for this memorial service is $800 and can last up to four hours as determined by the family. For more information or to discuss your specific requirements and or service options, you can email by clicking the email message link below or give us a call at: 281-469-2846